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Bucket Filter

Bucket Filter

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Swirl and Scratch Prevention: The Mammoth Bucket Filter fits into your wash bucket, ensuring a safe car washing experience by preventing swirls and scratches on your vehicle's paintwork.

Contaminant Removal: When rinsing your wash mitt or sponge, grit and particles often remain trapped. The Bucket Filter allows you to rub your wash mitt/sponge against it, effectively loosening and releasing these contaminants, preventing them from causing swirl marks.

Effective Barrier: The Bucket Filter acts as a barrier between the accumulated grit at the bottom of your bucket and your wash mitt. This barrier prevents direct contact between the grit and your cleaning tool, ensuring a smooth and scratch-free cleaning process.

Time-saving Solution: By eliminating the risk of swirl marks at the beginning of your detailing session, the Mammoth Bucket Filter saves you time and effort. Avoiding swirl marks means you won't have to spend additional time correcting them later in the detailing process.

Compatible with 5 US Gallon Buckets: Specifically designed to fit 5 US Gallon buckets, the Mammoth Bucket Filter is a convenient and essential accessory for car enthusiasts and detailers.

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