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Ultra-Soft Detailing Circle Brush

Ultra-Soft Detailing Circle Brush

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Ultra-Soft Bristles: Maxshines Ultra-Soft Detailing Circle Brushes are equipped with thousands of soft and beautifying bristles, making them ideal for light-duty cleaning in scratch-prone areas of car interiors and for tyre applicator use.

Versatile Cleaning: These brushes are perfect for cleaning screens, sensitive interior panels, and dusting hard-to-reach areas inside the car. They are also suitable to be used as a tyre applicator brush.

Chemical Resistant Handle: Designed with a chemical-resistant handle, these brushes are durable and can withstand exposure to various cleaning solutions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Metal-Free Construction: The brushes are made with a metal-free construction, eliminating the risk of scratching or damaging delicate surfaces during cleaning, making them safe for use on sensitive materials.

Convenient Storage: Each brush comes with a holder, allowing for easy and safe storage when not in use, ensuring they are organised and readily accessible for future cleaning tasks.

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