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2-Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls - Pack of 6

2-Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls - Pack of 6

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2-ply Centrefeed Embossed Wiper Rolls: High-quality wiper rolls designed with a 2-ply structure for enhanced durability and absorbency.

400 Sheets on Each Roll: Each roll contains 400 perforated sheets, providing ample material for various cleaning tasks.

Dimensions: The rolls measure 180mm in width and have a length of 85m, offering substantial coverage.

6 Rolls per Case: Conveniently packaged in cases containing 6 rolls each, ensuring an adequate supply for your needs.

Laminated Sheets - Strong and Absorbent: The sheets are laminated for increased strength and absorbency, making them effective for cleaning purposes.

Perforated Sheets - Pull Apart Cores: Perforations on the sheets allow for easy tearing, promoting efficiency during use. The rolls have pull-apart cores for convenient access to individual sheets.

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