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Alloy Wheel Cleanse

Alloy Wheel Cleanse

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Powerful Alkaline-Based Formula: Our wheel cleaner is formulated with a potent alkaline base, making it highly effective at removing brake dust, dirt, and grime from your vehicle's wheels. Its powerful formula ensures a thorough clean, leaving your wheels looking new and shiny.

Impressive Dilution Rate: Dilute up to 1:9 allowing you to clean your wheels effectively with just a small amount of the concentrated solution. It provides excellent value for money as a little goes a long way.

Deep Cleansing Action: The potent alkaline formula penetrates deep into your wheels' pores, breaking down and lifting away even the toughest stains and dirt. It ensures a comprehensive cleaning process, leaving no residue behind.

Caution for Alloy Wheels: Not all types of alloy wheels are compatible with alkaline cleaners. Clear-coated alloy wheels, anodised alloy wheels, and diamond-cut alloy wheels are particularly vulnerable to damage from alkaline cleaners. It's crucial to identify your wheel type before use.

Consult the Manufacturer: If you're uncertain about your alloy wheels' compatibility with alkaline cleaners, consult the wheel manufacturer for their recommended cleaning method.

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