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Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

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This bundle provides all the essentials for cleaning your vehicle's interior and exterior to a high standard. The only additional item required is a clean bucket. Our versatile products are designed for multiple uses, and we'll guide you through their optimal applications.

For the wheels, use our All-Purpose Cleaner (APC) diluted at 1:4. Agitate with a wheel brush and rinse thoroughly. Once dry, apply Interior Glow to the tyres for a sleek dressing effect.

In the prewash stage, if using a hose, dilute the APC to 1:2. For pressure washer use, a dilution of up to 1:6 is recommended. Spray the vehicle evenly and rinse off.

For the contact wash, mix our Shimmer Shampoo with water at a ratio of 1:800 in a bucket. Use a microfibre wash mitt for agitation, and ensure it's rinsed frequently to minimise dirt transfer and prevent scratching. After washing, rinse and dry the vehicle with our waffle drying cloth.

For the interior, dilute the APC between 1:10 and 1:50 to effectively lift and remove dirt from carpets. Vacuum thoroughly. Finish by applying Interior Glow for a refreshed interior dressing.

This comprehensive bundle simplifies vehicle care, ensuring a pristine finish both inside and out with minimal effort and great package for beginners. 

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