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Bug Eliminator

Bug Eliminator

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Effortless Bug Removal: Bug Eliminator is a convenient ready-to-use solution designed to effortlessly remove bugs from vehicles. Spray it onto affected areas and wash your car as usual without the need for strenuous scrubbing.

Targeted Application: Suitable for areas impacted by insects such as the bumper, grill, windscreen, and paintwork surfaces. It effectively tackles bug residues without damaging the vehicle's surfaces.

Prevents Permanent Blemishes: Bugs and bird droppings can mar the appearance of your vehicle and potentially lead to permanent damage to the paintwork if left unattended. Bug Eliminator helps prevent these issues by quickly eliminating bug residues.

Safe for All Protections: This solution is safe to use on all types of protection coatings without affecting their performance. Unlike aggressive prewash or all-purpose cleansers (APCs), Bug Eliminator is gentle yet effective, ensuring your vehicle remains protected.

Saves Time and Effort: Unlike experimenting with dilution ratios for prewash or APC, Bug Eliminator offers a hassle-free solution. It saves time, reduces the risk of human error, and guarantees a safe cleaning process for your vehicle.

Trustworthy Product: Bug Eliminator is a reliable choice for bug removal, allowing you to trust that your vehicle will be cleaned effectively and safely. It eliminates the uncertainty associated with choosing the right prewash or APC, providing a straightforward and dependable solution.

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