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Ceramic Foam

Ceramic Foam

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Long-lasting Protection: Our Ceramic Snow Foam provides up to 6 months of protection from 100ml of ceramic foam, ensuring your car stays shielded against various elements for an extended period. This long-lasting protection saves you time and effort in regular maintenance.

Effortless Application: Experience the joy of effortless application with our Ceramic Snow Foam. The foam clings effortlessly to the surface of your car, maximising coverage and minimising wastage. Enjoy a hassle-free application process that saves you valuable time.

Stunning Finish: After application, rinse off the foam to reveal a stunning finish that enhances your car's appearance. The Ceramic Snow Foam leaves your vehicle with an irresistible shine, turning heads wherever you go.

Protective Shield: By applying our Ceramic Snow Foam, you create an invisible shield that protects your car against harmful UV rays, oxidation, and environmental pollutants. This protective layer not only preserves your car's finish but also repels water and contaminants, making it easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

Head-Turning Shine: With our Ceramic Snow Foam, your car doesn't just get protection; it gets a head-turning shine that catches attention wherever you go. Flaunt your vehicle with confidence, knowing it's not only protected but also boasts an impressive, eye-catching appearance.

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