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Duplex Drying Towel – 70x90cm - Grey

Duplex Drying Towel – 70x90cm - Grey

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Advanced Microfibre Technology: The Purestar Duplex Drying Towel is crafted in Korea, incorporating the latest microfibre technology to deliver superior performance in drying applications.

No-Sewing Edgeless Design: This twist pile microfibre drying towel features a special no-sewing edgeless design. This design innovation helps prevent scratching or marring of the vehicle's paintwork, ensuring a safe and effective drying process.

Enhanced Absorption: The Duplex Drying Towel is engineered to absorb double the volume of water compared to a regular twist pile drying towel. Its exceptional absorbency outperforms many comparable drying towels on the market.

Extraordinary Thickness: With a remarkable thickness of 2cm, this towel stands out as one of the most absorbent options available. The thickness contributes to its impressive water absorption capabilities, making it an ideal choice for efficient drying.

High-Quality Microfibre: Crafted from 100% Korean microfibre, the towel showcases exceptional quality and durability. The use of premium materials ensures reliable performance and longevity.

530GSM Thickness: The towel boasts a thickness of 530GSM (Grams per Square Meter), indicating a dense and absorbent composition that sets it apart in terms of quality.

Colour: Presented in an attractive Anthracite Grey colour, the Duplex Drying Towel combines functionality with a sleek and stylish appearance.

Size: The towel comes in a convenient size of 70x90cm, offering ample coverage for effective and quick drying.

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