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EZ Detail Brush - Large Blue

EZ Detail Brush - Large Blue

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Comprehensive Cleaning: The EZ Detail Brush is the ultimate tool for achieving a thorough clean for your wheels, reaching even the tiniest details. Its flexible design allows it to bend, curve, and reach into large and small spaces all over your car. From spokes to brake callipers and wheel edges, this brush excels at cleaning intricate areas that are typically challenging to reach.

Flexible Bristles: Despite its appearance, the EZ Detail Brush features soft Nylon Nylex bristles that won't scratch any coated, painted, polished, plated, or blank metal surface. These bristles are uniquely structured, providing excellent cleaning power, and they bounce back to their original shape after each use. The brush's flexible bristles flatten to squeeze into small openings, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean for your wheels.

Bendable Stem: The EZ Detail Brush boasts an extraordinary bendable stem that conforms to the contours of your wheels. Its flexibility allows you to bend the top half of the brush to one side and insert it between spokes, enabling you to clean the interior rim of the wheel, the side facing underneath the vehicle. This remarkable feature ensures a comprehensive clean, even in the most challenging areas.

Chemical Resistance: The synthetic bristles of the EZ Detail Brush are resistant to chemicals, allowing you to use your favourite wheel cleaner without worry. It's recommended to use a water-based wheel cleaner for optimal results. This safe cleaner contains no caustic agents, preserving the integrity of various coatings and ensuring a safe and effective cleaning process.

Safe and Comfortable Design: The brush features a vinyl-covered tip to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes, along with a rubber knuckle guard from protecting you from getting too close to hard metal edges. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable cleaning grip, enhancing your overall experience. With a diameter of approximately 125mm, this brush is versatile enough to clean both tight openings and wide-set spokes, making it suitable for various types of wheels.

Size: 450mm x 120mm.

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