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EZ Detail Brush Mini - Blue

EZ Detail Brush Mini - Blue

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Versatile Cleaning: The EZ Detail Mini Brush is a smaller version of the popular EZ Detail Motorcycle and Car Brush, catering to smaller spaces. Perfect for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, mountain bikes, and any vehicle with challenging-to-clean areas, this brush eliminates brake dust, mud, and grime effortlessly.

Intricate Wheel Cleaning: This brush excels at cleaning between spokes, forks, and other intricate motorcycle components. Its soft Nylon Nylex bristles to ensure a scratch-free cleaning experience, even on clear-coated wheels, chrome, or aluminium surfaces. The brush's inner stem is flexible, effectively bending and cleaning complex wheel structures.

Effective Dirt Removal: The EZ Detail Mini Brush tackles hidden dirt and grime in nooks and crannies that conventional tools often miss. Its unique design allows it to reach tight spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without scratching the metal surfaces.

Durable and Chemical-Resistant: Crafted from soft Nylon Nylex bristles, the brush gently loosens dirt without dulling the metal. The bristles have a memory design, always returning to their original shape. Chemical-resistant properties enable the use of various cleaners, making it a versatile cleaning tool.

Scratch-Free Design: Vinyl is bonded to the brush's tip, and a non-scratch sleeve covers the space between the handle and bristles, guaranteeing scratch-free cleaning. The contoured handle is ergonomic and features a rubber knuckle guard for comfortable and safe use.

Wide Application: Ideal for motorcycles, boats, bicycles, cars, trucks, wheelchairs, ATVs, planes, and any vehicle with intricate spaces. The EZ Detail Mini Brush ensures a meticulously clean, leaving your motorcycle or vehicle impeccably maintained.

Size: 330mm long x 63mm wide.

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