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Fish Scale Glass Cloth

Fish Scale Glass Cloth

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Our Grey 300gsm 40x40cm Premium Glass Fishscale Cloth, the epitome of effective and efficient cleaning for a range of surfaces. Crafted with a unique fishscale weave using a blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, this cloth offers superior cleaning capabilities while ensuring a scratch-free and smear-free finish. With a remarkable 0.13 Denier, this cloth boasts exceptional quality and durability.

Fishscale Weave Excellence: Our cloth features a meticulously crafted fishscale weave design, allowing for optimal cleaning performance on windows, glass, and bright surfaces. This specialised weave enhances the cloth's ability to capture dirt, ensuring a spotless and polished finish every time.

Material Composition: Made from 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, this cloth combines the strength of polyester with the absorbency of polyamide. This blend ensures effective cleaning while maintaining a gentle touch, preventing scratches and damage to delicate surfaces.

Multi-Surface Versatility: Ideal for windows, glass, and various hard surfaces, this cloth is perfect for buffing and polishing. Its high absorption qualities enable effortless removal of dust and heavier soiling. It delivers outstanding results when used dry for light cleaning or dampened for tackling stubborn dirt.

Static Charge Technology: As you wipe over a surface, the cloth generates a static charge that attracts dirt, trapping it within the microfibres. The dirt is held until the cloth is washed, ensuring thorough cleaning without spreading dust or grime.

Easy Maintenance: The cloth is fully machine washable and can be tumble dried, allowing for convenient and hygienic reuse. When the cloth becomes dirty, place it in a laundry bag and continue cleaning with a fresh cloth, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning efficiency.

Disclaimer: Please note that despite our best efforts to provide accurate images, the Fish Scale Glass Cloth is grey in colour.

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