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Grip2-O Water Resistant Gloves

Grip2-O Water Resistant Gloves

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Heat Protection: The gloves offer Level 2 protection against intermittent heat contact, providing safety and versatility in tasks that may involve exposure to heat up to 250°C.

Water-Resistant Performance: The Grip2O gloves feature a comfortable polyester liner double-dipped with latex coatings, providing excellent water-resistant performance. This makes the gloves suitable for various tasks, from construction to marine operations.

Robust Micro Foam Latex Coating: The gloves are equipped with a robust micro-foam latex coating that delivers phenomenal grip, especially in wet conditions. The latex coating enhances durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.

Ideal for Various Tasks: With water resistance and exceptional grip, these gloves are versatile and suitable for a range of tasks. Whether it's construction work or marine operations, the Grip2O gloves provide reliable hand protection and performance.

Polyester Liner: The comfortable polyester liner adds to the overall wearability of the gloves, making them suitable for extended use in various work environments.

Latex Micro Foam Palm and Thumb Coating: The latex micro-foam coating on the palm and thumb enhances grip and contributes to the gloves' water-resistant properties. This feature is precious for tasks that involve handling objects in wet conditions.

Excellent Grip in Wet & Dry Conditions: The gloves excel in providing excellent grip not only in wet conditions but also in dry environments. This ensures consistent performance across different work scenarios.

Packaging: The gloves are packaged in pairs, providing convenience for users who require a pair for immediate use.

Colour: The gloves are designed in a distinctive blue/black colour combination, allowing for easy identification and a professional appearance.

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