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Supertex SMS Type 5 & 6 Hooded Coverall

Supertex SMS Type 5 & 6 Hooded Coverall

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Type 5/6 Protection: The Supertex® SMS Coveralls offer type 5/6 protection, providing a barrier against dust particles, low-risk chemical splashes, and protection from radioactive particulates.

Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of tasks including asbestos removal, insulating, paint spraying, adherence to hygiene rules, use with low-risk chemicals, horticulture, farming, and general building work.

Dust Particle Protection: Effectively protects against dust particles, making it suitable for environments where dust exposure needs to be minimized.

Lint-Free: The coveralls are lint-free, ensuring a clean and particle-free working environment.

Breathable: Designed to be breathable, providing comfort for extended wear during various tasks.

Zip with Zip Guard: Equipped with a zip closure and zip guard for easy wear and removal, ensuring a secure fit.

Elasticated Wrist/Ankle Closure: The coveralls feature elasticated wrist and ankle closures, providing a secure and protective seal.

Elasticated 3 Panel Hood Design: The 3-panel hood design with elastication ensures a comfortable and secure fit around the head.

Individually Wrapped: Each coverall is individually wrapped, maintaining hygiene and facilitating easy distribution.

Suitable for Various Tasks:

Asbestos-related work
Hygiene rules
Clean rooms
Liquid chemicals (low hazard)
Paint spraying
General building work

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