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Ultimate Protection and Deep Gloss Shine: Hydro-Coat is the ultimate sealant solution that not only adds a deep gloss shine to your vehicle but also provides up to 8 months of protection from various contaminants, including road salts, acid rain, bugs, and bird droppings. Its powerful formula ensures a lasting shine while safeguarding your car's surface.

Efficient Maintenance Washes: Hydro-Coat's long-lasting protection allows for quick and efficient maintenance washes in the future. Even after multiple washes, your vehicle will retain its deep gloss shine, making cleaning hassle-free and time-saving.

Safe for All Surfaces: This versatile solution can be used on all paints, plastics, wheels, and wheel arches. It creates a glossy film that traps contaminants on the surface, significantly reducing the risk of damaging your paintwork through scratches or swirling during cleaning.

Enhanced Shine with Regular Use: By pairing Hydro-Coat with our Spray wax as a weekly top, you can maintain a consistent deep gloss look for your car. This winning combination guarantees that your paintwork always stays in pristine condition, showcasing a glossy finish that catches the eye.

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