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IK Multi TR 1 Hand Trigger Spray

IK Multi TR 1 Hand Trigger Spray

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Optimised for Professional Use: The IK Multi TR 1 Sprayer excels as a professional trigger spray bottle, offering unparalleled safety and ease. Designed to resist a broad spectrum of acids and aggressive liquids, it's ideal for automotive and various professional uses.

Versatile and Durable: Tailored for professional demands, this sprayer's adaptability across sectors like construction, cleaning, and pest control is complemented by its resistance to a wide range of chemicals, showcasing its durability and versatility.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance: Featuring a commercial-grade, translucent tank with a level indicator and an adjustable nozzle, the IK Multi TR 1 Sprayer enhances user convenience and efficiency. Its high-quality atomizer ensures fine, even spray distribution.

High Capacity for Extensive Use: With a 1-litre volume, this sprayer supports extensive use, allowing for coverage of large areas without frequent refills, making it a valuable tool for professionals prioritising efficiency.

Ease of Use and Safety: Designed with user convenience and safety at its core, the IK Multi TR 1 Sprayer allows for precise control, ensuring safety and reducing waste when handling chemicals, making it a top choice for professionals.

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