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Ergonomic Interior Detailing Brush

Ergonomic Interior Detailing Brush

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Ergonomic Design: The Maxshine Ergonomic Interior Detailing Brush features a specially designed ergonomic handle that reduces hand fatigue during cleaning. The handle's ergonomic shape allows for a natural and comfortable grip, enhancing the cleaning experience and reducing strain on the hands.

Versatile Cleaning: This brush is perfect for cleaning various surfaces inside vehicles, including leather seats, vinyl, and fabric convertible tops. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for maintaining the interior cleanliness of cars.

Soft Bristles: The brush is equipped with soft bristles that effectively loosen dirt, ensuring more efficient cleaning. Despite their softness, these bristles are strong and gentle, enabling deep cleaning without causing harm to delicate interior surfaces.

Horsehair Bristles: The Maxshine Ergonomic Interior Detailing Brush features horsehair bristles, known for their durability and effectiveness in cleaning delicate materials. These bristles provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning action, making them suitable for intricate interior components.

Size: Length: 12.5cm, Width: 5.5cm and Bristle Length: 2.5cm

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