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Leather Cream

Leather Cream

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Enhanced Appearance and Suppleness: Leather cream moisturises leather, enhancing its appearance and restoring suppleness, ensuring your leather items look fresh and rejuvenated.

Deep Pore Penetration: Formulated to penetrate deep into leather pores, leather cream softens the material, preventing it from appearing neglected and maintaining its natural texture.

Prevents Dryness and Cracking: By moisturising the leather, the cream prevents it from becoming dry, faded, or cracked, ensuring the leather retains its original lustre and durability.

Minimises Wear and Tear: Leather cream delays dye transfer and minimises wear and tear, preserving the quality of your leather items and prolonging their lifespan.

Preparation for Protection: After treatment with leather cream, the leather is ready for additional protection by applying a leather shield, safeguarding it against stains, spills, and other damages.

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