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Leather Shield

Leather Shield

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Fade and Crack Resistance: Leather Shield forms a protective film that resists fading and cracking, preserving the leather's original appearance and integrity.

Liquids Repellent: This solution repels liquids, preventing staining and spillages without using harmful substances that could damage or discolour the leather.

UV Resistance: Leather Shield effectively resists UV rays, safeguarding the leather from sun-induced damage and maintaining its colour and texture.

Easy Cleaning: The protective film makes future cleaning effortless by preventing liquids and dirt from penetrating the leather pores, ensuring easy maintenance.

Compatibility: Suitable for all types of leather, Leather Shield adapts to various leather textures and finishes, providing universal protection.

Moisture Lock: When used after applying a moisturiser, Leather Shield locks in moisture, preserving the leather's saturated look and soft feel. It resists exposure to sweat, friction, body oils, dirt, and other liquids.

Prolonged Lifespan: Regular application of Leather Shield, ideally monthly or every other month, significantly extends the leather's lifespan. Neglecting leather maintenance can make restoring it to its original state challenging or impossible, depending on the existing damage.

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