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Bucket Buddy | Black Or Red

Bucket Buddy | Black Or Red

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Convenient Detailing Storage: The Maxshine Bucket Buddy enhances your detailing experience by providing essential storage space within easy reach while you work on your vehicle.

Easy Attachment: This accessory securely hangs onto the edge of buckets, ensuring convenient access to wash mitts, towels, detailing brushes, shampoos, or any other detailing accessories you require during your detailing session.

Versatile Brush Storage: The Bucket Buddy features two holes (14mm and 18mm) on both sides, designed specifically for storing detailing brushes. This keeps your brushes organised and readily accessible.

Efficient Water Drainage: With two holes in the base, the Bucket Buddy allows dirty water to drain out when you place a wash mitt or sponge inside. This design ensures cleanliness and prevents stagnant water accumulation.

Size: The dimensions of the Bucket Buddy are 22.31 x 36.2 x 17.03cm, providing ample storage space while being compact enough to fit seamlessly into your detailing setup.

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