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Metal Polish

Metal Polish

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Restoration and Cleaning: Metal polish is specifically formulated to restore, clean, and polish a brilliant finish on various polishable metals, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, and chromium.

Oxidisation Removal: The polish contains abrasive agents that facilitate the removal of oxidisation from metal surfaces. Oxidisation can dull the metal's shine over time, and the abrasive solution works to eliminate this layer, revealing a more reflective and shiny surface underneath.

Reflective Finish: The abrasive nature of the polish allows the metal to achieve a highly reflective finish. This reflective quality adds to the metal's aesthetic appeal, making it appear brighter and more attractive.

Easy Application: Metal polish is designed for easy application, allowing users to restore the metal's shine effortlessly. Whether applied with a cloth or a polishing tool, it effectively revitalises the metal surface with minimal effort.

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