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All-Purpose Mastery Bundle

All-Purpose Mastery Bundle

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This comprehensive bundle encompasses everything required to detail your vehicle from top to bottom, ensuring both thorough cleaning and specific task efficiency.

Wheels: Equipped with a specially formulated alkaline-based wheel cleaner, dilutable for convenience, alongside an iron and fallout remover. Agitation is made easy with the EZ large brush and tyre brush, effectively removing contaminants and restoring your alloys to a pristine condition. Choose between two tyre dressings, perfectly paired with a tyre applicator for uniform coverage, while the applicator brush prevents product wastage. All accessories conveniently fit into the bucket caddy for organised storage.

Wash: A generous 5L of All-Purpose Cleanse (APC) serves as an ideal prewash solution. Follow this with your contact wash, then use the provided drying towel for a streak-free finish.

Decontamination: The bundle includes an iron and fallout remover as well as a tar & glue remover, addressing the finer details for a showroom-quality finish.

Glass and Gloss Enhancement: Revitalise your glass with our effective glass cleaner and accompanying glass cloth. For enhancing your vehicle's gloss, choose from two gloss enhancers; one offering up to 6 months of protection and another for pure gloss, both usable as a clay lube. High-quality disposable Ignite gloves are included to protect your hands during the process.

Interior Freshness: Finalise your vehicle's detailing with interior freshness, choosing from two TurboJet air freshener aromas to leave your vehicle smelling as good as it looks.

This bundle delivers unparalleled detailing capabilities, equipped with high-quality products and tools designed for maximum efficiency and exceptional results.

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