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Interior Microfibre Scrub & Applicator Pad

Interior Microfibre Scrub & Applicator Pad

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Optimal for Automotive Interiors: Specially designed for cleaning automotive interiors, ensuring your car's inside looks as good as new.

Double-Sided Versatility: Features a dual-sided design with bristle-like fibres on one side for deep cleaning of tough stains and grime, and a soft terry finish on the other for applying protective coatings or dressings.

Compact Size: Measuring 10 x 15cm, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre during cleaning tasks.

Bristle-Like Fibres: Engineered to remove grime effectively, reaching deep into surfaces without damaging them.

Super Soft Terry Finish: Ideal for gentle application of products on sensitive surfaces, ensuring a flawless finish.

Highly Absorbent & Quick to Dry: Designed for efficiency and convenience, making the cleaning process smoother and faster.

Scratch-Free: No nylon hem to prevent scratches, ensuring the safety of delicate surfaces.

Suitable for Various Surfaces: Ideal for leather, vinyl, soft plastics, and upholstery, providing versatility in its use.

Care Instructions:

Recommended Washing Temperature: Suggests washing at around 40 degrees Celsius to maintain the integrity of the pad, while it can withstand up to 95 degrees Celsius.

Shrinkage Warning: Initial washes may cause up to 5% shrinkage, a testament to the high-quality fabric used.

Tumble-Dry Compatible: Tumble drying is recommended to open the fibres, enhancing the pad's effectiveness.

High-Temperature Resilience: Unlike most microfibre pads, these threads will not burn at high temperatures, ensuring durability.

No Fabric Softeners: Advises against the use of fabric softeners or conditioners to prevent coating the fibres, which could reduce efficiency.

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