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Seat & Soft Top Cleaner

Seat & Soft Top Cleaner

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Specially Formulated Fabric Cleaner: Designed for the effective cleaning of fabric surfaces, including soft tops, car seats, and carpets.

pH Neutral & Mild: A gentle cleaner that preserves water repellent coatings on fabrics, ensuring the integrity of the material is maintained.

Minimal Residue: Leaves minimal residues, making it perfect for use before applying water repellent treatments, enhancing the fabric's protection.

Multifunctional Application: Versatile enough to be used on a wide range of fabric types, providing comprehensive fabric care.

Water Repellent Friendly: Specifically suitable for fabrics with water repellent properties, maintaining their effectiveness without compromise.

Pre-Treatment Compatible: Ideal for use on fabrics before applying a water repellent treatment, such as A-Chem Fabric Protector, for enhanced fabric protection.

Ready to Use: Comes in a convenient, ready-to-use dilution, eliminating the need for mixing or preparation before application.

Low Hazard: Classified as low hazard, being non-solvent and non-acidic, ensuring safety for users and the environment.

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