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Shimmer Shampoo

Shimmer Shampoo

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Gentle and Effective Cleaning: Shimmer Shampoo stands out as our PH Neutral Shampoo, ensuring gentle yet effective cleaning for your vehicle. Designed to maintain various protective coatings, including ceramic, waxes, and sealants, it preserves the hydrophobic properties applied to your car. This unique feature ensures that your protective coatings remain intact, providing long-lasting benefits for your vehicle's surface.

Maintains Hydrophobic Properties: The PH-neutral nature of Shimmer Shampoo is crucial in retaining the hydrophobic properties of coatings. Preserving these properties ensures water beading, making your vehicle easier to dry and maintaining a sleek appearance even after washing. This helps preserve the integrity of the protective layers applied to your vehicle.

Economical and Efficient: Shimmer Shampoo offers exceptional value for money. Its high dilution ratio of 1:800 means you can use it sparingly, making it an economical choice for regular car cleaning. Despite the high dilution, its foaming properties provide excellent lubrication, effectively breaking down dirt and contaminants. This reduces the risk of scratching or swirling during the cleaning process, ensuring a safe and scratch-free wash.

Protects Your Investment: By preserving the protective coatings on your vehicle, Shimmer Shampoo safeguards your investment. It ensures that your car's exterior remains protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of protective coatings for a longer time. Regular use of Shimmer Shampoo contributes to the longevity and effectiveness of your vehicle's protective treatments.

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