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Shimmer Wax

Shimmer Wax

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Longevity Based on Decontamination: If the car is fully decontaminated and applied with two layers, Shimmer Wax can provide up to 8 months of protection. With one layer, expect around 4-5 months of protection. If the vehicle hasn't been contaminated, two layers offer 4 months of protection, while one layer provides 2-3 months before fading begins.

Deep Wet Gloss: This wax delivers a powerful deep wet gloss to your vehicle's paint, enhancing its appearance and giving it a stunning, glossy finish.

Application Flexibility: While it's recommended to apply Shimmer Wax in the shade or away from direct sunlight, it can still be applied even in direct sunlight, offering flexibility in application conditions.

Minor Swirl Marks and Scuff Concealment: Shimmer Wax has the ability to hide extremely minor swirl marks and paint scuffs, preventing them from worsening over time.

Hydrophobic Qualities: Shimmer Wax provides hydrophobic properties, allowing water to bead off the surface of your vehicle. This feature makes cleaning your vehicle in the future much easier.

Natural Carnauba Wax: Shimmer Wax is made from natural carnauba wax, with a composition of around 30%. Its soft to medium hardness makes it easy to apply and work with.

Drying Time: The wax dries in approximately 5-15 minutes, although the drying time can vary based on moisture and weather conditions. It's advisable to test the drying time on a small area before applying it to the entire vehicle.

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