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Silicone Interior Detailing Brush

Silicone Interior Detailing Brush

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Electrostatic Cleaning: Maxshine’s Silicone Interior Detailing Brush utilises electrostatic energy to attract and remove stubborn pet hair and lint effectively. The natural charge in its silicone bristles acts like a magnet, grabbing onto particles and whisking them away.

Portable Design: The brush features a portable design, ensuring quick and easy cleaning. Its ergonomic shape allows for convenient handling, making it effortless to manoeuvre and clean various surfaces.

Durable and Soft: Constructed with durable and soft rubber, the brush is gentle on surfaces yet effectively deep cleans fibres. It provides a thorough cleaning experience without causing any damage to delicate materials.

Easy to Clean: The sturdy construction of the brush ensures years of use. Additionally, it can be easily washed or sterilised, maintaining its effectiveness and cleanliness over time.

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