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Snow Foam

Snow Foam

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Contactless Prewash Solution: Snow Foam is specifically designed for a contactless prewash, creating a thick white foam when used with a pressure washer. This prewash method aims to break down dirt and contamination effectively without the need for direct contact, minimising the risk of damaging your paintwork during the cleaning process.

Reducing Paintwork Damage: Snow Foam plays a crucial role in reducing the possibility of paintwork damage, such as swirling or scratch marks. Breaking down dirt and contaminants before physical contact minimises the risk of smearing these particles across the surface with a wash mitt, ensuring a safer and gentler cleaning process for your vehicle.

Alkaline-Based Solution: Our regular Snow Foam is formulated as an alkaline-based solution, making it effective in breaking down stubborn dirt and contamination. Whether your vehicle is covered from bottom to top with general dirt, Snow Foam is a robust base solution, capable of tackling even the most persistent grime.

Customisable Consistency: Snow Foam allows for a customisable foam consistency tailored to individual preferences. Various factors, such as pressure washer types, snow foam lances, and their internal build quality, influence foam thickness. While it's impossible to cater to everyone's preference, we recommend starting with a dilution ratio between 1:4 and 1:9. Adjustments can be made to achieve the desired thickness, offering flexibility to users based on their specific setup and preferences.

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