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Snow Foam Cannon - Quick Connect

Snow Foam Cannon - Quick Connect

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Efficient Snow Foam Application: The Snow Foam Cannon is designed to simplify and expedite the application of snow foams, providing a fast and effective way to clean off-road vehicles.

User-Friendly Design: The snow foam cannon addresses common challenges associated with standard, inexpensive snow foam lances. Its wide and easy-fill neck ensures a quick and mess-free filling process, minimising waste and optimising efficiency during refills.

Generous Capacity: With a 1000ml bottle capacity, the snow foam cannon has enough volume to cover an entire car and more, making it suitable for comprehensive cleaning tasks.

Sturdy Construction: The cannon features a sturdy base, reducing the likelihood of tipping over compared to cheaper alternatives. This stability enhances user convenience and minimises the risk of spills.

Adjustable Water/Foam Mixture Settings: The snow foam cannon offers fully adjustable settings for water/foam mixture, providing flexibility in tailoring the application to specific cleaning requirements.

Embossed Measurements: The bottle includes embossed measurements on the side, facilitating accurate mixing of solutions and ensuring precision in the application process.

Adjustable 'Fan' Spray Pattern Nozzle: The cannon incorporates an adjustable 'fan' spray pattern nozzle, allowing users to customize the spray width according to preferences—choose between a thinner, wider spray or a thicker, narrow spray.

Spray Pattern Rotation: The cannon enables rotation between vertical and horizontal spray patterns, aiding in the efficient use of solution and coverage across different parts of the vehicle.

1/4" Quick Connect Fitting: Equipped with a 1/4" Quick Connect fitting, the cannon is compatible with short triggers for added convenience during use.

PTFE Tape Included: To ensure a secure seal, the snow foam cannon may require PTFE tape around the threads. PTFE tape is supplied, contributing to a reliable and leak-free application.

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