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Superior Drying Towel – 70x90cm – Grey

Superior Drying Towel – 70x90cm – Grey

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Premium Features:

  • Crafted from 100% Korean Microfibre for superior quality and performance.
  • An edgeless drying towel to minimise the risk of scratching.
  • Boasts a high-density 880GSM for exceptional drying capacity.

Unmatched Water Absorption: The Purestar Superior Drying Towel, crafted in Korea with a micro-twist pile design, excels in water absorption. Its unique structure, featuring a short, tight nap and twist pile, enables it to dry an entire vehicle efficiently, setting new standards in drying performance.

Reduced Snagging Risk: Thanks to the micro-twist fibres, the towel presents a lower risk of snagging on car badges and trims, offering a smoother and safer drying experience compared to longer pile towels.

Scratch-Free Design: This drying towel is thoughtfully produced with a special no-sewing, edgeless design to ensure it does not scratch or mar paintwork during use, enhancing the safety and finish of your vehicle's surface.

Generous Size: 70x90cm, the Superior Drying Towel offers ample coverage for efficient vehicle drying, combining functionality with high-quality construction for the best drying experience.

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