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Tar & Glue Eliminator

Tar & Glue Eliminator

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Fast-Acting Adhesive Remover: Introducing our Tar and Glue Eliminator, a powerful and fast-acting solvent designed to dissolve a wide range of contaminants, including adhesive residues, tar, glue, oil, grease, fuel stains, tree sap, and dead bugs. Its rapid action ensures that these stubborn substances are effortlessly removed from both paintwork and plastics.

Effortless Cleaning: Our Tar and Glue Eliminator takes the hassle out of cleaning by swiftly dissolving various residues without the need for extensive scrubbing or scraping. Its high effectiveness ensures that all contaminants are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, leaving surfaces spotless and ready for further detailing or protection.

Versatile Application: This versatile product is suitable for use on both paintwork and plastics, making it a reliable solution for various surfaces on your vehicle. Whether you're dealing with adhesive residues on your car's body or tar spots on plastic trims, our Tar and Glue Eliminator provides a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Ensures a Pristine Finish: By eliminating adhesive residues, tar, and other contaminants with ease, our Tar and Glue Eliminator ensures a pristine finish on your vehicle. It prepares surfaces for further treatments, detailing, or protective coatings, allowing your car to shine with a clean and polished appearance.

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