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Trim & Tyre Velvet

Trim & Tyre Velvet

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Showroom-Quality Restoration: Introducing Trim & Tyre Velvet, the ultimate solution for restoring your trim and tyres to showroom standard. Say goodbye to the problem of faded trim and tyres; this product brings back the original lustre of your vehicle. With Trim & Tyre Velvet, achieving a matte finish that transforms your car to a brand new look has never been easier.

Eliminate Fading Concerns: Faded trim and tyres are no longer a cause for concern. Trim & Tyre Velvet effectively rejuvenates these surfaces, ensuring they regain their original vibrancy and appearance. Whether your vehicle's trim or tyres have succumbed to fading due to exposure, this product provides a reliable solution, offering a fresh, matte finish that enhances your car's aesthetic appeal.

Permanent Saturation with Regular Maintenance: One of the standout features of Trim & Tyre Velvet is its ability to achieve permanent saturation when applied regularly to faded areas. By maintaining your trim and tyres with this product, you prevent future fading and cracking. Consistent application ensures that your vehicle's surfaces remain in optimal condition, enhancing their longevity and preserving their appearance.

Matte Finish Transformation: Trim & Tyre Velvet delivers a matte finish that instantly revitalises your car's appearance. This transformative effect gives your vehicle a fresh, modern look, enhancing its overall visual appeal. Whether it's your trim or tyres, this product ensures a consistent matte finish, elevating the aesthetics of your car to a showroom standard.

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