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Twist Drying Towel - 70x90cm

Twist Drying Towel - 70x90cm

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Premium Drying Towel: The Purestar Twist Drying Towel is crafted using twisted loop fibre as the core, making it a premium choice for drying vehicles. It is manufactured in South Korea using the latest microfibre technology and processes.

Twisted Loop Technology: The towel features twisted loop technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to absorb water quickly, ensuring a streak-free finish during the drying process.

High-Quality Microfibre: Made from 100% Korean microfibre, the towel exhibits high-quality craftsmanship, distinguishing it from cheaper alternatives. This ensures superior performance and durability.

530GSM Thickness: The towel boasts a thickness of 530GSM (Grams per Square Meter), indicating a dense and absorbent composition that contributes to its efficient water absorption capabilities.

Colour: The Purestar Twist Drying Towel is presented in an attractive Anthracite Grey colour with red banding, providing a stylish and distinctive appearance.

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