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Tyre Scrub Brush

Tyre Scrub Brush

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Ergonomic Design: The Maxshine Tyre Scrub Brush is thoughtfully designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable grip and ease of use during tire cleaning tasks.

Deep Cleaning: This brush is specifically crafted to deep clean tyres, effectively removing dirt, grime, and previously applied dressings. Its purpose-built design ensures thorough cleaning for a rejuvenated tyre appearance.

Stiff Nylon Bristles: Equipped with stiff nylon bristles, the brush offers maximum scrubbing power. These bristles effectively tackle tough stains and debris on the tyre surface, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process.

Lightweight: Despite its powerful cleaning capabilities, the brush is lightweight, minimising user fatigue during prolonged cleaning sessions. This lightweight feature enhances user comfort and usability.

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