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Wheels+ Bundle

Wheels+ Bundle

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This comprehensive wheel+ bundle provides every essential product to achieve impeccably clean wheels. It includes a dilutable All-Purpose Cleanse (APC) and a tyre scrub brush designed to thoroughly extract dirt from your tyres. For wheel arches, the APC can be effectively applied with the EZ barrel brush. The alloy faces benefit from two specialised cleaners: a potent alkaline-based wheel cleaner and an iron and fallout remover. These are ideal for tackling brake dust and embedded iron particles, with agitation facilitated by the Large EZ brush for thorough cleaning.

Once your wheels are clean and dry, a spray wax serves as a hydrophobic sealant, extending the cleanliness of your wheels while enhancing their gloss for an eye-catching finish. To complete the process, choose from two tyre dressings to achieve your desired finish. These are to be applied with our ultra-soft detailing brush, engineered to maintain the product on the tip of the bristles, ensuring even coverage without soaking up the product. This method guarantees a flawless application on the tyres, showcasing a professional-level detailing right at home.

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